FAQs + Shop Info

When will my order ship?

My policy on processing is 10-14 business days from when the order is placed. Processing time is the time it takes me to get to & make your order. I get orders every single day, & most are made to order. I don’t have a ton of inventory on hand that I can just bag up and send off. I hope to one day, but it’s just not in the mechanics of my day-to-day yet.

What are business days?

Basically, no weekends or holidays! The reasoning behind using business days for me, is simply because I cannot ship on weekends or federal holidays, since post offices are closed. I get orders every day so I ship almost every day. If your “ship date” lands on a federal holiday I will not be able to ship that day so it will go out the next business day. 

How long does it take for my order to ship to me?

I do not have a guaranteed time frame for shipping right now, due to the fact that what the post office does it out of my hands. I ship all over the country and even to other parts of the world- and so there is no way (that I know of) that I can guarantee when it will hit your door step. That being said, if you need your items at a certain time, order ahead of time! It’s better to be safe for sure!!!
BUT since I cannot provide a guarantee delivery date, I do have tracking on every single package I send out, and it gets sent to the email or phone number provided on the order as soon as the shipping label is printed.
My tracking info says my shipping label was printed, but it hasn’t updated since then?
I batch print labels. Which means I print a ton of them at once to save myself a little bit of time. My email system automatically sends an update when a label is printed but I usually don’t take more than 2-3 days to get it out the door after it’s printed!
How long have you been in business?
Liv Simply turned 2 July 2020, which is BEYOND a blessing. I am very proud of how far this company has come!!! I have THE most amazing customers- and if you’re new, I am determined to make this a welcoming & uplifting environment for you! I absolutely encourage everyone that gets their products in to show them off in our group! Every one of my customers is just so amazing when it comes to uplifting others and it’s so heartwarming to see.
Do you have social media?
I mostly post in a group on Facebook! Just search "Liv Simply" and it should pop up! I also have an Instagram-- @livsimply___
This option at checkout will put your order at the top of my list. This does NOT mean that your order will ship the same day, but most likely within a day or two.